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11 1/2 Bronzed Monkeys!

I assisted artist James Grashow in the fabrication of 12 [one baby] cardboard monkeys, that were then cast in bronze. (

This project was a commission from wonderful director and friend Cressa Beer ( 

to design and fabricate miniature movie seats for a fun Nitehawk Cinema bumper. I love Nitehawk cinema so this was a real treat.

I used cardboard, clay, fabric and paint. 

If you've recently gone to a movie at Nitehawk Cinema in NYC, you would've seen this clip before your movie starts! 



I assisted James Grashow in the fabrication of this aquarium of fish flowers for a private client. My work included papier-mache leaves, color matching, priming, painting, sanding and glueing. 


Large cardboard dancers (still in progress)

I have been assisting James Grashow in the fabrication of large-scale dancing sculptures planned to be cast in bronze. 


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