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"Firenze" is a personal short I made in the Spring of 2018 as a response to my semester in Florence. It has three chapters utilizing different forms of animation: chalk pastel on paper, paint on board, and stop-motion animation. 

It was accepted into to local film festivals Film Fest 25 and the New Haven International Film Festival.

This was a very experimental project for me and I created it over the span of a month in my time outside of work and school. It was fun and cheap to build and it will always help me remember my time in Italy.


Three hand-made animations in reaction to time in Florence....
Arrivo a Santa Croce- Chalk pastel
Via Dei Pepi, No. 8- Acrylic and Oil Pastel
Partenza: Santa Maria Novella- stop-motion animation

Fabricated, Animated and Edited by Phoebe Jane Hart
Music by Eyal Marcovici
Thanks to: Carole Hart and Sabrina Marques


At the time I was influenced by artist: Matt Bollinger

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